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web developer

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Hi, I’m Samson!

Actively seeking creative minds to collaborate, grow, and network!


Well versed with technology and eCommerce. Believer of business process automation for business of all scales. In the technology world, everything is possible. A great business starts with a creative idea, executed by a hustler, and refined by a solution architect into a system.



Great company do not stand alone. Meaningful partnerships are formed to create resources which will not be available without said collaborations. By forming alliances with other businesses that serves the same audiences as you, creative options are made available.


Firm believer of leverage. Having everyone do what they’re good at improves efficiency and promotes self-improvement and satisfaction. The same goes to businesses, as delegating business processes to third party providers allow you to get professionals without the huge cost.

What I’m Working On

Clairvoyance Software Solution Pte Ltd

What if all SMEs could tap on the power of a well-informed, proficient IT team?

I’ve started Clairvoyance with an image in mind – a world where businesses leverage each other to do what they do best. We’ll have accounting firms, IT firms, delivery services, inventory management, and legal firms all partnering up with you so you can focus on what really matters – being the visionary for your company.

A team that serves more than 10 unique businesses have unarguably have more exposure and experiences compared to a team that are hosted inhouse. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to leverage on these experts that are out in the field every single day, seeing more than 10 different scenarios in different industries?

And so we did.

What I’m Looking For

“Declare your intentions, and things will fall in place for you.”

So hereby I declare the people (or groups) that I’d love to meet!

1) eCommerce Startups that had made your first sales

I’d love to work with you to help you design your company’s initial conditioning for success and growth. I can bring you potential partnership deals and experience in setting up systems that automate at least 40% of all business processes by the first year. There’s three factors that I value a lot – attitude, vision, and results. If you’re one that holds an attitude to serve, a vision that keeps you passion burning, and achieved results, nudge me!

2) Service Providers  – Mobile App Dev, SaaS Dev, Inventory Management, and so on

I’d like to prepare a network of service providers that my clients will potentially need. A fanciful portfolio isn’t a must, however our company values must align. The heart to serve our clients at our 100%, reliability, and accountable is what my company stand firm on, and I will expect the same for all of the services providers that I curate and recommend for my clients. The partnership will be likely structured to give commission for the party that referred the client.

3) Singapore-based Entrepreneurs (or Wantrepreneurs)

If you’re already in the works of crafting your legacy (or wants to do so), drop me an email! I’m with a fantastic community named Lifestyle Mafia that provides support and learning workshops to entrepreneurs – sporting leaders like Benny Ong from Startup Academy and Gabriel Wong from KeysToDoors!

This Email May Change Our Lives

Let’s have a chat about collaboration, shall we?